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Connect the Trainer+ with your training profile

Plug it in and switch it on. Follow these quick-and-easy steps to pair your Trainer+ to your profile in the Vitruvian app. No equipment set up involved!

1. Plug into the wall socket

V Trainer and App Connect | Plug to wall

The Trainer+ needs to be grounded at all times. Be sure to plug into a 3-prong earthed wall socket, and provide a clear space around the Trainer+.


2. Turn on Trainer+

V Trainer Power Switch and wake button location

3. Open the Vitruvian app in your mobile device

V App Open with Trainer tab selected

The Trainer+ and Vitruvian app are paired via bluetooth connection, and allows for a single connection at a time. To ensure a successful connection, check that:

  • Bluetooth is switched on, in your mobile device; 
  • Vitruvian app bluetooth permissions is switched on; and
  • No other mobile device is connected to the Trainer+.

Want a direct connection? Simply select the option to 'Scan QR'.

V Trainer and App Connect Scan QR

4. Activate the Trainer+ All Access Membership

Select the relevant option below to set up your All Access Membership:


Still having problems pairing the Trainer+ and Vitruvian app?

  1. Check out our troubleshooting tips here:
    1. The machine is not connecting to the app
  2. Reach out to Member Support with your Trainer+ serial number handy at support@vitruvianform.com