Will the machine adapt to my strength level?

Yes, the machine can standardise all the exercise movement categories (ie, squat, deadlift, bench, etc) to your current strength level to ensure you’re lifting weight that is suitable for you. 

Simply calibrate the machine using the “Strength Assessment” and the machine will take care of the rest until you retest again.

To complete the Strength Assessment successfully, please remember to move fast through your reps. The assessment isn’t like your typical 1-rep max test - the machine calculates your strength by how much power you can produce concentrically (in the upward phase) - hence the reminder to move fast each time you come up in your reps.

Another method for the machine to calibrate as your strength improves is through our ‘Scaled Workout’ toggle - which can be switched on in the edit screen of your custom workout. When switched on, the machine auto-calculates the percentage of weight you have selected, against your logged PB for that exercise. Knowing this percentage, each time you unlock a heavier weight, the machine will automatically increase the weight for all the exercises.