Why won't the machine load weight or count my reps when I'm doing Calf Raises, or Hip Thrusts?

The Trainer+ machine is designed to provide an intuitive and personalized training experience. Its algorithm understands how you should move for a given training style and discipline. This ensures that you get the most out of your workout and are able to achieve your fitness goals efficiently.

If the machine is not loading your selected weight during certain isolation exercises (such as calf raises or hip thrust), there could be two reasons: range-of-motion or pace.

Pace: What mode are you using?

Please see The Training Modes quick-start movement guide.

Position: Is your active range-of-motion, the same as your unweighted calibration reps?

The machine will begin loading to the selected weight when you successfully meet the bottom range specified during your 3 warm up reps. If you fail to meet the bottom range, then the machine will not load.

For calf raises, we suggest moving through a shorter range-of-motion (especially at the top) when performing your 3 warm up reps.

There are certain movements where the body can move through a greater range-of-motion when there is no weight applied. When weight is applied, the body will typically brace more and adjust its movement - sometimes at a shorter range-of-motion.

To ensure a smoother training experience if you shorten your range during the warm up, specifically the bottom end as well as stopping short of full extension (i.e. just shy of the top end of your movement), then this will help ensure that you don’t need to ‘find extra height’ when the weight kicks in - specifically for certain exercises such as calf raises, hip thrusts and upper trap shrugs.

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