Why isn't the machine counting reps properly?

Make sure you meet your bottom and top range-of-motion to ensure each of your reps count.

No more, "No rep!" The machine won't let you cheat your reps.

It will only count your repetitions when you hit the top and bottom range specified during your 3 warm up reps. If you fail to meet the range, then the machine will not count the rep.

I'm struggling to meet the top of my range.

If you're having issues with meeting the top end of your rep, we suggest hacking your first 3 calibration reps by moving through a shorter range-of-motion, just shy of "extending" at the top of your range.

Why is it happening?

There are certain movements where the body can move through a greater range-of-motion when there is no weight applied. When weight is applied, the body will typically brace more and adjust its movement - sometimes moving at a shorter range-of-motion.

To ensure a smoother training experience if you shorten your range during the warm up, specifically stopping short of full extension (i.e. just shy of the top end of your movement), then this will help ensure that you don’t need to ‘find extra height’ when the weight kicks in - specifically for certain exercises such as calf raises, hip thrusts and upper trap shrugs.


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