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Vitruvian app mobile device requirements

Connecting the Trainer+ with specific mobile device requirements can mean a better, more smooth session. Here are some tips and requirements for your given operating system.

Operating system

Version requirements*

Apple iOS iOS 16.2, or later
Apple iPadOS iPadOS 16.2, or later
Android Android 9, or later

*These are the minimum versions that will help achieve a smooth workout, each session. The ability for your mobile device to update its operating system may be capped depending on the model of your mobile device.

How to have the best training experience...

1. Keep your Mobile device's operating system up to date:

Keeping your mobile phone's operating system up to date can contribute greatly to the Vitruvian training system's performance.

Updates often include enhancements to optimize its speed and functionality, ensuring a safer and smoother user experience, across all of your mobile apps.

2. Keep your Vitruvian app updated:

Our team of developers frequently release updates to fix small bugs, and improve app performance and compatibility. Keeping your app current can help prevent connectivity and processing issues.

Ensure that the Vitruvian app is always up to date so that you get the best training experience each session. We recommend the best time to update is during the times you're not working out.

Never skip a beat! Jump into your mobile device settings and switch on auto-update for the Vitruvian app.

3. Update Your Firmware:

Regularly check for firmware updates for both your Vitruvian Trainer+.

Firmware updates often include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and improved compatibility with the Vitruvian app.

Keeping your mobile devices' firmware up to date ensures a smoother and more stable connection. Check an eye out in your email Inbox for notifications around firmware update announcements. We'll also drop a little alert in the Trainer tab right where you can find the firmware version the Trainer+ is running.


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Need some help?

Reach out to the below teams when you're in need of assistance, they'll be happy to help:

In-app technical support:  Open the Vitruvian app, connect to the Trainer+ and shake your phone - this will prompt a pop up bug report form.

General Member support:  support@vitruvianform.com