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Trainer+ Unboxing Guide


1. Check the contents

Open the Trainer+ package and check that you have received the contents found below.

items that are found in the Trainer+ package

Any of these items missing?

Reach out to orders@vitruvianform.com with your order number and a picture of the packing checklist; our team will be happy to assist!


2. Follow the unboxing steps

3 steps to unboxing the vitruvian Trainer+

Something not quite right with your items?

Reach out to orders@vitruvianform.com with your order number, and our team will be happy to assist!


3. Reduce. Reuse*. Recycle.

Most of the Trainer+ packaging is made up of eco-friendly sustainable materials.

It can be reused as a new bed for your furry friend, a racing car for your little one, or give it a make over by turning it into smaller storage boxes.

We recommend holding onto it and setting it aside for those times you need to place your Trainer+ in storage; like when family come around to visit!

Consider recycling the cardboard boxes and properly disposing of plastic, or other packaging materials to reduce waste.


*Remember, hold onto the Trainer+ packaging in order to be eligible for a return. To ensure the items are received in its original condition, it will need to be sent using the original packaging - click here to read more.