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Top Tips for a Seamless Wi-Fi Connection

A stable Wi-Fi connection, or strong cell reception, is key to a smooth training experience when using the Vitruvian training system. Here are some simple tips to ensure your Trainer+ and Vitruvian app are up to the task each session.

1. Ensure good wi-fi / cell service:

Before starting your workout, check your Wi-Fi signal, or cell service strength in the area where you'll be using your Trainer+.

A strong signal is essential for a seamless connection. If you have a weak signal, consider moving closer to your Wi-Fi router or using a Wi-Fi extender.

2. Position your Trainer+ in a space with good wi-fi / cell service:

Place your Trainer+ within a reasonable range of your Wi-Fi router. Avoid obstacles, walls, or large objects that could interfere with the signal. The clearer the path between your Trainer+ and the router, the better your Wi-Fi connection will be.

3. Schedule your sessions when your network is clear:

This information is useful if you're on an Internet plan that defines your coverage/s according to 'peak' and 'off-peak' periods.

During peak hours, your Wi-Fi network may face congestion, which can lead to slower speeds and connectivity issues, in general.

If possible, schedule your training sessions during non-peak hours to enjoy a smoother experience.

4. Minimize Interference:

Other electronic devices like microwave ovens, cordless phones, and baby monitors can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Keep these devices away from your training area, and consider using the 5GHz band on your router for less interference.

5. Keep Your App Updated:

Ensure that the Vitruvian app is always up to date.

Our team of developers frequently release updates to improve app performance and compatibility. Keeping your app current can help prevent connectivity issues. You can switch on auto-update for the Vitruvian app in your mobile device.

6. Update Your Firmware:

Regularly check for firmware updates for both your Vitruvian Trainer+.

Firmware updates often include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and improved compatibility with the Vitruvian app.

Keeping your mobile devices' firmware up to date ensures a smoother and more stable connection. Check an eye out in your email Inbox for notifications around firmware update announcements. We'll also drop a little alert in the Trainer tab right where you can find the firmware version the Trainer+ is running.


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