Tighten the Quick Connector screws.

Tips to lengthen the lifecycle of your accessory's Quick Connectors.

The quick connectors have a safety mechanism, designed to lock your accessories in-place when it is under pressure from both you and the motors pulling against it.

To ensure the longevity of your Quick Connectors, you can perform 2 simple steps: one is best-practices when training, the other is general maintenance.

General Maintenance

Check the condition of the screws every couple of weeks or so to ensure they are still flush with the metal ring.

Tighten QC Screws

Best Practices.

When finishing up with a set, always "return" the accessories back onto the platform, rather than "drop" from height.

Reducing the likelihood of them jamming.

When Quick Connectors jam, it is because the safety mechanism is locking it in-place due to pressure being applied from a loosened screw. Screws can loosen when the accessories are being "dropped" back to zero, rather than "placed back" onto the platform.

The greater the force impact of your accessories dropping onto the platform, the higher the likelihood a screw will loosen.  If the screws loosen enough that it is no longer flush with the metal ring, it can begin mimicking the same pressure that will kick-in the safety mechanism

If I have an issue with my Quick Connectors?

Reach out to our Member Support team via support@vitruvianform.com with:

  • Your order number; and
  • A picture of the Quick Connector - also showing which accessories have been affected.