The machine is not connecting to the app.

Troubleshooting steps to determine what can be causing an issue with connecting.

If you're experiencing difficulty connecting your app to your Trainer+ machine, you're not alone. Connection issues can be frustrating, but there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to determine the cause. In this article, we'll cover some common reasons why the connection may not be working and provide solutions to help you fix it.

1. The last connected device has not disconnected from the machine

In our experience, we find members who connect multiple devices with the Trainer+ tend to run into a similar issue.

The machine can only connect to one device at a time. If a device doesn't disconnect from the machine after use, the machine will look for that same device the next time it is switched on.
For example:
Let's say, you used your TV to participate in a class yesterday but did not disconnect after the session.
Today, you're looking to use your mobile phone to do a custom-built workout through the Vitruvian app.
Because the machine is still technically connected to your TV device from yesterday's session, when you switch the machine on today, it will try to reconnect with your TV - blocking your mobile phone's bluetooth from connecting to your machine.
Try disconnecting all possible devices from the machine and re-connect with your desired device again.

2. Your mobile device's bluetooth is switched off

The Vitruvian App and machine connect via bluetooth, please check whether your mobile device's bluetooth is switched on

3. Bluetooth permissions are switched off for the Vitruvian App

If you're still experiencing issues with connecting,  check your mobile device's bluetooth permissions.
The Vitruvian App and machine connect via bluetooth, and so the app requires bluetooth permissions to be switched on. Simply head to your mobile device settings and check that bluetooth permissions is switched on for the Vitruvian App.
If you are still having issues connecting, simply reach out to for further troubleshooting assistance. For a speedy turnaround, advise that you have followed the steps outlined above.