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Receiving your Trainer+

Receiving a delivery from a courier is often an exciting day, especially when the contents are your shiny new Trainer+ and accessories. Here our some of our tips to make your delivery day stress-free and enjoyable!

Before the courier arrives...

1. Prepare your space

Refer to the Trainer+package specifications below to see whether you need to clear any obstacles or clutter near your front door, as well as the area you're planning to unbox and train in. 

Check out Trainer+ placement, portability and storage for our workout space recommendations

2. Ask a mate

The Trainer+ package is designed for two people to carry the box lengthways, with handles situated on both ends. We recommend avoiding a situation where your Trainer+ package is carried by one person.


Trainer+ package specifications



Box dimensions

54" L x 26" W x 8.7" H

(1380mm L x 660mm W x 200mm H)

Box weight

107.2 lb


When the courier arrives...

1. Verify the Package/s

Double check you're receiving the correct item/s. When the courier arrives, take a moment to confirm that the package/s matches your expectations. Check the label for your name and address, and compare it with the tracking information we've shared with you.

2. Inspect for Damage

Before preparing your valuable items for courier pick up, our warehouse team complete a final inspection so that they arrive at your place fresh, and crisp. While the courier is still present, carefully inspect the packaging for any visible damage. If you notice any, be sure to document it with some pictures and notify the courier immediately.

3. Acknowledge the Delivery

The courier will require a signature, or some form of acknowledgment of delivery. Be prepared to sign or provide the needed confirmation, and make sure to ask for a copy of the delivery receipt for your records.

4. With your mate, carry the Trainer+ to a clear, dry space for unboxing

Check out our Trainer+ Unboxing Guide to see how you to remove the Trainer+ from the packaging.