Keep the Fan Grille clean and clear of hair/dust.

It is important to keep the air inlet/fan grille clear of hair and dust on a motorized machine in order to maintain its performance and prevent damage.

Hair and dust can accumulate on the fan blades and eventually cause them to become imbalanced, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the motor. Additionally, a buildup of hair and dust can restrict airflow, causing the machine to overheat and potentially fail. Therefore, regular cleaning of the fan grille is essential to ensure proper functioning and longevity of the machine.

General Maintenance.

Carefully lift your Trainer onto its side with care in order to prevent the side panels from cracking. Clear the fan from any visible blockage and vacuum the grille. Carefully return the machine back onto the upright position ensuring that where you are placing it is landing is clear of any items.


Best Practises.

In addition to regular cleaning of the fan grille, there are several best practices that can help keep the air inlet grille of the machine clear, ensuring its longevity.

For example, placing the machine in a location where it is less likely to come into contact with hair and dust can help reduce the amount of debris that accumulates on the fan blades.

Environments with lots of hair and pets may require more frequent checks of the fan to ensure that it remains clear. By following these best practices, you can help ensure proper functioning and longevity of your machine.

If I have an issue with my fan?

Reach out to our Member Support team via with:

  • Your order number; and
  • A picture of the fan above.