How does "Just Lift" work?

"Just Lift" let's you quickly jump into a workout without first selecting a specific movement or class.

Welcome to Just Lift!

Just Lift is our new training experience that makes it even easier for you to start your workout. If you don't want to track your workout data and just want the most efficient way to get moving, this is for you. You do not need to select a movement or class.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the Just Lift button in the app.
  2. Connect your handles.
  3. Select your desired weight (note the weight is per cable).
  4. Select progression or regression, and your desired rest time, or keep it simple and just lift old school.
  5. Connect to your machine.
  6. Fun fact: Turn on the camera if you'd like to see how you're lifting (think of it like a mirror), or keep it simple and focus on the numbers on the screen. 
  7. Get into position and hold the cables.
  8. Measure your range and let's get going!
  9. From here, perform your desired number of reps or go to failure.
  10. Once you're done, place the handles down, take a break, or just lift again. You can continue with a new set or a new exercise.

Important note: Your workout data will be stored under "Unknown Exercise" once you click "Finish," and cannot be used to unlock personal bests.

See just lift in action: