How does it work?

With digital weights you can choose your level of intensity: make the resistance move with you, or against you.

You’ll never feel as connected to your muscles as you do with the Trainer+.  The mechanism maintains mechanical tension throughout the whole range-of-motion, ensuring your muscles are actually moving the weight - no more relying on momentum!

Depending on the demands of your workout, you can select from a range of “Adaptive” and “Non-Adaptive” training modes, which vary how the machine will apply load to your body:

  • Non-Adaptive training modes keep the weight constant - you either can, or cannot, move it.
    • Old School mode 
  • Adaptive modes are a little more forgiving and super intuitive. It feels like the machine is alive and constantly spotting you.
    • Time Under Tension mode
    • Pump mode
    • Eccentric Only mode

We use algorithms which adapt the weight to your capabilities. So whether you’re working on skill development, or your muscles are hitting fatigue sooner than usual, the machine calculates at 40 times per second, what weight is appropriate for you at any given time.

We’re always evolving and releasing new modes to take our Member’s training to the next level, to check out the our available core modes in more detail read our article, "The training modes explained.".