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Familiarize yourself with the Vitruvian Training Modes, by enrolling to a program.

Fast-track the Training Modes learning curve and get familiar with the required tempos.

The different Vitruvian Training Modes are programmed to pull against you at varying tempos, making muscular tension efficient throughout any point in your range-of-motion.

Getting familiar with the given Training Mode's tempo-type is key ensuring your body meets the desired load during your session.

Guided initiation.

An initiation using Instructor-Led classes and programs is a great way to learn visually, audibly and kinaesthetically.

Depending on the selected Training Mode, the coach will not only tell you when to move and how fast to move, but also when to pause to really ramp-up the digital resistance on the Trainer+ .

To find out which Training Mode is right for your training session, check out these easy-read resources:

The Vitruvian Training Modes cheat sheet

Training Modes quick-start movement guide

To learn about the thought process behind the Training Modes, check out this more in-depth article:

The Training Modes explained...

Our recommended classes or programs for initiation.

For Beginners:

Vitruvian 101

Enrol to the Vitruvian 101 program in the app

Vitruvian 101 2

Enrol to the Vitruvian 101 2 program in the app

For Intermediate:

Badass Build Day 5 - Full Body + Accessory

Take me to the class in the app

Enrol to the Badass Build program in the app

For Advanced / Industry Professional:

Savage Strength | Squat 1 - Take me to the class in the app

Savage Strength | Bench 1 - Take me to the class in the app

Savage Strength | Deadlift 1 - Take me to the class in the app

Enrol to the Savage Strength program in the app