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I need technical help with my Trainer+ / V-Form machine.

Open a ticket for our technical team's assistance.

This form helps open a ticket for the following scenarios:

  • Machine's LED are flashing orange;
  • Vitruvian App has prompted you to contact support;
  • Intermittent faults;
  • Cable retraction issues; or,
  • Other hardware-related issues.

1. Did you know your machine has a fault messaging system?

In the event there is a major fault with your machine, we have designed an in-app fault messaging feature where your app will push the machine's error information to our faults database. 

2. What is it used for?

Your machine's fault log helps give our technical team better visibility on the best course of action to resolve the issue by either:
  1. Releasing a firmware update to fix your machine remotely; 
  2. Organising a video service call with you to assist with troubleshooting; or,
  3. Replace your machine. 

3. How can I get someone from the team to help me with my machine?

By completing the form below, all the relevant information needed will be sent directly to our Warranty and Service team, who will locate your machine, analyse its fault logs and determine the best steps to resolve the issue.