All Access Membership

All the frequently asked questions about membership answered in one place.

What does All Access Membership give me?

The All Access Membership is included in the upfront purchase price of the Trainer+.

It provides 3 months access to premium features:

- A library of over 300 classes and goal-oriented programs designed by our coaches.

- The ability to create and share workouts

- Full workout data and performance tracking. 

- Exclusive access to new features and evolving training modes as they are released.

The membership is tied to the machine and hosts unlimited user profiles. So family and friends have access to all the app features and are able to train in line with their unique capability, past performance and individual fitness goals.

*applicable to orders made from 11/10/2022

If I do not sign up after 3 months, what happens?

If after 3 months you decide not to renew your All Access Membership your Trainer+ will still work and enable you to set your desired weight and train with adaptive digital weight. You will however lose access to premium features and new features as they are released.

Can I share my All Access Membership?

Yes, you can! Only one active All Access Membership is required to activate a Trainer+. For as long as your All Access Membership is active, you can have as many members using the hardware as you like for no additional cost. All they need is the Vitruvian app on their own device (phone, tablet, TV app), with their own profile.

How do I get started?

- Download the Vitruvian App (or ensure you are updated to the very latest app versions on iOS or Android)

- Go to

- Ensure you are using the same login method you are currently using in the app (i.e. sign-in with Google if that’s how you usually log in to the app)

- Copy your Machine Number and add it to the website

- Open the Vitruvian app and connect to your machine in the “Trainer” tab at the bottom right corner 

How do I find my machine number?

To locate your machine number simply open your Vitruvian app and connect your machine. Click the ‘Trainer’ tab (bottom right hand corner) and your machine serial number will be displayed under ‘Trainer’

I've got an active membership but the app asks me to register my Trainer+?

If you’re locked out for the All Access Membership features, it is likely that it is due to a typo in the machine serial number when you first registered your machine. 

Simply log into your account via and double check the machine serial number is correct. If you need assistance with this, please contact our support team at