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Activate Lifespan Membership

We're not planning for this crazy offer to be available for purchase forever, follow the prompts to activate your Trainer+ and our team will apply your Lifespan Membership order in the backend.

  • Access all premium features, as well as new features as they are released for the life of your Trainer+.
  • Lifespan All Access Membership can be purchased through our online store at vitruvianform.com
  • If your Trainer+ ever needs replacing within warranty, we'll transfer your Lifespan membership over!
  • Lifespan Memberships won't be available to purchase through our online store forever, so follow the below prompts, 'How to activate the All Access Membership' then reach out to support@vitruvianform.com with your Trainer+ serial number, and they'll apply the Lifespan Membership in the backend.

If your Trainer+ status is already Active please avoid cancelling your All Access Membership, the Support team needs an active Trainer+ in order to apply the Lifespan Membership.

How to activate the All Access Membership

Step 1. Connect Trainer+ to Vitruvian app

  1. Switch on the Trainer+
  2. Open the Vitruvian app in your mobile device and select the Trainer tab
  3. Press 'Connect' to connect Trainer+ to Vitruvian app

To successfully connect Trainer+ to Vitruvian app:

  • Please have your mobile device bluetooth settings switched on, 
  • Bluetooth permissions allowed for the Vitruvian app, and
  • Make sure no other mobile devices are currently connected to Trainer+.

Step 2. Activate Trainer+ All Access Membership

  1. With the Trainer tab open, locate and select Trainer > Access > InactiveV app Trainer+ membership status, unique serial number, firmware version, app version
  2. Copy Trainer+ 'Vee' number, this if the machine's unique serial number V app Trainer membership status inactive
  3. Open activate.vitruvianform.com in your web browser, select 'Activate machine'  activate.vitruvianform.com page
  4. Sign up by selecting your preferred login method as your unique authenticate key  activate.vitruvianform.com sign up
  5. Copy-paste your 'Vee' Machine ID, or scan Trainer+ QR code activate.vitruvianform.com add machine id
  6. Follow the prompt to 'Activate all-access-membership' activate.vitruvianform.com verify sign up of machine serial number
  7. Add your card details and follow the prompt to 'Subscribe' activate.vitruvianform.com subscribe
  8. The Trainer+ All Access Membership status will be visible in your account when you login via billing.vitruvianform.com activate.vitruvianform.com membership activated

Remember the login method chosen, as this is like a unique key to unlock your Vitruvian billing portal.